Welcome to Learning ReImagined!  

We are a consortium of educators—”small pieces loosely joined”—that care passionately about learning and human development. Somewhere, somehow, schools have become spirit killers for many students and adults. Schools are dangerously adrift, being tossed about by one short-lived “reform” after another. All the while, we are losing about 50% of new teachers in the first 3 years of their career and 30%-40% of students walk out the door without finishing high school. And this doesn’t include those who dropped out mentally and are simply “doing school”. Educators, business people, parents, policy makers and others have forgotten that we, all of us, are in the business of learning, not schooling. We’ve become lost in a fog, knowing that there is something terribly wrong and unsettling, and yet we are not able to name it or fix it. So we drift aimlessly this way for a while, then another way for a while.

With the startling development of computers and the exponential growth of the World Wide Web, schools, teachers, and textbooks are not the only way to learn any more. Video lectures, podcasts, wikis, blogs, research gold mines like EBSCO Research Databases available online from our local public library and the thousands of other portals have inundated us with a tsunami of information, overwhelming many.

We are keenly aware of the time crunch overwhelmed educators face. In addition, we realize that the current school organization, protocols, schedules and mental models were created in the late 19th and early 20th century for a society and economic system that no longer exist. And we realize that schools are not going away tomorrow.

With these thoughts in mind and with this website, we’d like to:

  • create materials to save educators time and put some soul back into learning;
  • create tools to help educators, consultants, and the public get back to the business of learning;
  • create and explore new metaphors and language to reimagine new stories about learning;
  • join the conversation in the blogosphere about the future of learning, schools and education.